about me

My name is Sherry. I’m a dreamer, artist, idealist, and introvert turned ambivert. I believe in the basic goodness of people and am a huge proponent of human potential. This project started as a creative outlet that felt divinely inspired, and quickly turned into a mission of joy.


After having gone through some rough patches, I started to ask myself some questions about what my unique gifts were and how I could use them for a better life. One of the questions I began asking myself was "how do I shine light into the world, i.e., express joy and positive energy?" The question stuck.


Out of curiosity, I began to ask others the same question and found some surprising answers. I discovered that a lot of people don't think they contribute anything at all, let alone something positive.


The YouShineNow project has been evolving ever since.


My superpower is the ability to see the best in people, therefore it is my wish to acknowledge the light in others and to encourage its growth and expression. That’s how I shine my light into the world and why I want to know about yours!

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