YouShineNow hasn't had a working blog in a while. Now that it's back, I'd like to start off with a bang ... or a siren, as it were; the siren of a police car and the emergence of blue light to honor my city's finest, the Dallas Police Department. Through a series of events I find myself, along with my sister, volunteering for the DPD. For the last few months I've been involved in volunteer opportunities and Citizen Police Academy classes. It has been an eye opening experience and full of fascinating information about the different divisions that make up the police department and what they do. Having met a lot of wonderful people, police officers/staff and volunteers alike, I look forward to seeing what the coming months have in store. I am hoping to spotlight more of the volunteers from the C.O.P.S. (Citizen's Offering Police Support - Youth Outreach Program). Each one of these volunteers has a story about how they came to shine their light through this particular avenue and I'm honored to feature them here. Look for the blue!

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