There's a lot of light out there where you least expect it.

I was at one of my lunchtime haunts today and heard a woman who was leaving the restaurant say something very positive to a restaurant employee. I looked up to see her and made mental note of how much I enjoyed hearing it. I left not long after and walked out to my car when this same woman was pulling away and stopped me. She rolled her window down to give me a compliment.

I stopped to chat with her for a few minutes and tell her about YouShineNow. We ended up sitting in her car for 10 minutes chatting about various things. I mentioned that I overheard what she said earlier. She said she makes it a point to look for things to compliment people on, no matter what the circumstances. She doesn't worry that they may think she's crazy or overly friendly. She just gives what she has. We both agreed that the world needs more of that kind of gift.

What an absolute pleasure to have encountered her. I could have said "thank you" and moved on. I'm glad I didn't. Thank you, Brenda, for having the courage and enthusiasm to make the day brighter for the people on your path! I know you did for me!

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